About Us

Atelier East Design Atelier (Ah-TELL-yay) def. an artist’s workplace, and for those looking for design that creates an environment, rather than decorates the room, this is the place.

The driving force behind Atelier East Design is Angela Shannon, a richly talented artist, eager to share a cup of coffee and her unique ability to see a
3-D vision of every space she creates. She shows the amazing collection of colorful and mixed element kitchen and bathroom tiles with the joyful
enthusiasm of a fashion designer in a Paris showroom, because it’s there, in the colors, textures and styles, where your personal statement lies.
In collaboration with Local Architects and Construction Management teams she
attentively supervises every detail of each job, to guarantee the most pleasant
experience from beginning to end.

Angela studied space planning and prides herself on never wasting an inch.

“I can work with any shape, size or challenge.” which is particularly
important in an area with so many historic and one of a kind architectural designs. “I also specialize in reviewing blueprints, which can save people
thousands of dollars and hours. Making adjustments in things window placements and door width will allow you to create your vision, rather than work
around obstacles.”

A kitchen or bath should not be a task center; it should be a place you look forward to being in…a place where, as Angela says, memories are made.
“It should be exciting to cook and share with friends. The bath should be invigorating and reflective. Design choices that capture your style make that
happen, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s very important that I get to know my clients, so I can hear their inner spirit. We offer the highest end
selections for those who demand them, but there are lots of other affordable choices and with a little cleverness, you can make any space look like
Architectural Digest.”

Atelier East Design is one of only two authorized Poggen Pohl dealers in the state, a true honored selectively bestowed by the manufacturer. They
also carry about 30 other lines of tiles, fixtures and accent pieces, all displayed in an art gallery setting.
Liberate, stimulate and expand your design vision and visit Atelier East
Design on the 1004-B Main Street, in Belmar, N.J. where
you also a walk on the beach after your appointment. The showroom is open by appointment just by calling.

Open Spring 2023.

Due to Covid restrictions, we accept visits only via Appointment from Monday to Sunday, no walk-in visits.